Who we are

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mAdvertising is an Internet company specialized in online marketing.

We manage internet-based advertising campaigns, helping you maximize your business potential in this competitive field. mAdvertising’s young and multilingual team brings diversity and expertise to a company that aims to offer the perfect combination of work ethic and open-thinking.

Going mobile

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Surveys indicate that, throughout the coming decade, internet mobile users should surpass those connected on personal computers. This makes the prospect of “going mobile” even more attractive.

Monetizing a website’s mobile traffic is a priority, not only as this opens new horizons income-wise, but also adjusts the scope on a new global trend.



Cooperation is the recipe to success in any field, especially when digital media is involved.

With this in mind, mAdvertising progressively seeks the most knowledgeable partners with whom to associate with. We believe that true added-value is gained by the combined strength of one’s visions.

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